About us

I like to cook, experiment and create...

I have two lovely boys who completely changed my life.

As a mother there is certainly a sense of responsibility and it is important to remember that our children copy all of our habits.


I always had a passion for baking and cooking.  I like the sophisticated smell of spices, delectable look of fruits and berries and the vibrant colours of vegetables. Every day I am trying to find new delicious and nourishing recipes  for my family.


Each time I have been on a strict diet where I try to avoid sugar and fat, I have never felt satisfied and missed the sweetness of dessert. Finally, I understood that I needed to change my approach to healthy eating.


I thought to myself: "I want to create delicious desserts for someone like me with healthy life style".  I found out that it is not that difficult, and often enjoyable, to follow the simple rules of healthy eating. Now I am happy that I can create healthy desserts and don't feel guilty when my family eats them. I am sure that the smell of fresh baked bread, muffins and cookies makes our house a home and encourages a tight knit family.

Since coming to this realisation I have not been able to stop experementing with a variety of healthy ingredients along with my BeFitKitchen team!  I hope you will enjoy and share my passion!

Sincerely yours,